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Bionomic Industries provides a variety of wet scrubbers for fume and particulate control. They include packed towers/beds, venturis, catanery grid and mutiple dimensional units. We can handle temperature situations.


C&W can supply a wide range of general industrial and centrifugal fans for your application. Materials of construction can vary from special alloys to regular carbon steel.

Wet Dust Collectors

American Air Filter is a leader in wet and dry dust collection. The 'W' and 'N' Rotoclones along with miniature LVN are a mainstay in many dairies, food, aluminum plants across the country. Cartridge collectors and pulse jet baghouses. HEPA and pre-afterfilters

PD Blower

Vacuum and positive displacement blowers for any applications. Brands provided: Roots, Sutorbilt, MD Pneumatics, Duraflow, etc.

Filter Bags

Filter Bags for a variety of collectors: reverse air, pulse jet, shaker, envelope and after filter. Variety of medias including polyester, polypropylene, nomex, woven polyester, shaker felt, hyglass. Variety of collectors, Torit, MAC, Flexkleen, Sly, etc.

Baghouse - Dust Collection

C&W can provide Honeyville reverse air, AAF shaker and pulse jet baghouses in sizes from 50 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft of cloth. Both side access and top removal. We can provide the collector alone and/or as a turn key installation with fan, airlock, electricals and piping.

Cartridge Collectors

C&W has AAF cartridge collectors from 2 to 200 cartridges and in cloth area ranging from 100 to 50,000 sq ft of media. We have vertical and horizontal mounted units.

HEPA Filter Housings

We represent American Air Filter and their prefilter and afterfilter housings. 2", 4", 12" and 24" thick filter elements. No job too small or too large. We do carbon filters and HEPAS 99.97% efficient.

Pneumatic Conveying

Dry product any rate from point A to point B or to multiple points. Provide turn key systems with airlocks and/or eductors. Represent Hardy Systems.

Screening and Drying/Cooling Equipment

Provide rectangular, Carrier screeners for any dry or wet process. Dryers and coolers for any application vibrating conveyors.

Rotary Airlocks

Stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum or stainless construction. As a rotary airlock and/or feeder. Sizes from 5" to 50" by 50". Any application.

Bucket Elevators

Wood, grain, food, rock products, foundry. No height or capacity too small. Heavy duty construction.

Diverter Valves

For gravity and/or pneumatic conveying. One inlet, 2, 3 or more discharges.

Slide Gates

Rack in pinion, manual, pneumatic electrical. Any size, any configuration. Variety of metals. Leak proof type gates. Inflatable seals.

Screw Conveyors and Drag Conveyors

U-trough, tubular, drag conveyors. Mild and stainless steel construction any rate.

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